Kessica: 69978 - Jag Library Test Files

The libraries and files on this page are here to assist the testing of the new Jag Libraries.
Most will be available as a passworded rar file. This is to prevent general distribution of certain assets that have been cobbled together to assist testing. If you are part of the test group, you will get the password by email.

Content Creaters Guide
Superscript Guide

Dependant assets - not for distribution

ACS static mesh library by lielestosbrat
Animated Couplers (protected rar file)

Test Wagons - not for distribution

Test Wagon using static mesh couplers. v.1.0
Test Wagon for Coupler Priority. v.1.0 (Dropped Knuckle Animations)
Test Wagon using animated 3Link couplers. v.1.0
Test Wagon with Full Debug logging enabled. v.1.0
Excel Spreadsheet (no macros) for various test permutations, (protected rar file)