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TANE SP4/105766 & Trainz 2022 119451
22nd December. 2023
My latest models: Private Owner 8, 10 and 12 ton coal wagons A further batch of wagons based on the standard Railway Clearing House design; 37 in total. They comprise the same mesh skinned with different textures representing coal merchants in Wiltshire. I have tried to match the typefaces as closely as possible but some of the script faces were virtually impossible to match closely. I have attempted to recreate their ‘look’. Also, I have made some minor texture changes to the 90+ PO wagons released last month representing Welsh anthracite collieries. These are now available as kuid2 updates within my usual zip files. GWR two-horse plate glass float A scenery item for goods yards. This vehicle was used to transport plate glass packing cases delivered by GWR Coral A wagons from railheads by road to customers. Bath Stone industry A basic stone-loading platform (industry) producing finished Bath stone blocks (commodity), plus four PO one-plank wagons centred on Corsham station, Wiltshire. Stone load commodity included. Also a static scenery crane and sheer legs for arranging the scene. You need to add figures and suitable small buildings to create the adjoining stone yard. In addition, I’ve modelled the 2ft gauge horse-drawn tramway, wagon and load which served the stone platform from the quarry. You will need to download John Whelan’s Horse Draft 1.
Glenariff: Mines, Railway & Pier The Rise and Fall of a Victorian Enterprise In the later 19th century a company sought to extract ironstone from Glenariff, one of the beautiful Glens of Antrim in north-east Ireland. Unusually, its working and interaction with local people was recorded in correspondence between its secretary in London and its works manager on site. Here are its trials and tribulations as it built a 3ft narrow-gauge railway and pier, dug mines, and endured struggles with litigious neighbours, recalcitrant sheep and the wild  weather of the Irish Sea coast. The company only lasted 15 years, but was a microcosm of many Victorian enterprises now lost to history. Available from Amazon Kindle £4.99, and as an Amazon print-to-order edition published 10th August, 2019
Ricky Sykes and John Maton
Current projects: Early Victorian passenger set - I’m attempting to create a passenger set for early railway carriages and stations 1835- 45. If anyone can offer help I’d be very grateful. Status: on hold, no release date. GS&WR nos 90 and 100 - My models date to 2008. I’ve revised no.90 with Duke_of_334 and produced no.92 with its attached carriage section. Initially, they’ll only be available in Irish standard gauge (5ft 3in). British standard gauge (4ft 8.5in) versions will follow. No.90 is preserved at the Downpatrick & County Down Railway. Status: underway, no release date.
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I have recently installed Trainz 2022. I’m aiming to load all my content into this version and delete earlier iterations of Trainz from my PC. Currently, all my new models are for TANE SP4 and above. In the future I will only support my models for Trainz 2022 and not earlier versions. Links are to zip files containing the cdp files.  Usual apologies for any broken links or missing material, let me know and I’ll correct them. Steve
Wanted for future projects I’m on the lookout for scale plans, diagrams, drawings and photographs of: Cranes: 19th and first half of the 20th centuries, especially dockyard and fixed cranes. Factories/Industries: private sidings, goods depots, goods platforms; especially those serving collieries, stone yards and similar commercial enterprises. If you have anything suitable please email me at my usual address: