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Trainz: A New Era SP4 / 105766 &Trainz 2019 SP5/ 117009
17th August, 2022
My latest models: GWR broad gauge 6-wheel 1st class, and 6-wheel 2nd class Two new carriages for my range of GWR broad gauge rolling stock. These are two 6-wheel carriages from 1838 in the original livery. They use John Whelan’s Victorian passenger set and are available on the GWR broad gauge page. Scroll down to the end of the rolling stock section. I’m also releasing my GWR intermediate station. This is based on plans from the Network Rail archive labelled ‘Chippenham’. However, well into the model making it became clear that whatever station it might have been it was not Chippenham, either in its original form or later 19th century rebuild. After a brief exchange with a couple of Broad Gauge Society members it became clear that the plans represented a proposed rebuild of the station rather than that subsequently built. It appears to date to about 1857/8 at about the time when the GWR’s lengthy branch line to Weymouth opened. It is available at the bottom of the GWR broad gauge page. Consequently, I’m releasing it as ‘station that never was’ that nevertheless reflects GWR design from the mid- Victorian period. It has two main running lines, plus a centre through line and two bay platforms. As part of the pack I’ve done a new version of my single-line invisible station with the passengers set to 3ft height to match the platforms of the intermediate station. My YouTube video here explains how to position the invisible station. Links are to zip files containing the cdp files. All of my new models are only for T:ANE SP4 and above. I am only including earlier models here that work in this version. I no longer support any earlier versions of my models for use in any other iteration of Trainz. Usual apologies for any broken links or missing material, let me know and I’ll correct them. Steve
Glenariff: Mines, Railway & Pier The Rise and Fall of a Victorian Enterprise In the latter part of the 19th century a company was established to extract ironstone from the hillside of Glenariff, one of the beautiful Glens of Antrim in north-east Ireland. Unusually, details of much of its working and interaction with local people was recorded in correspondence between its secretary in London and its works manager in Glenariff. Here are the trials and tribulations of this little concern, brought to vivid life. This book follows the building of the three-foot narrow-gauge railway and the pier it served, and the digging of the mines, and follows its daily struggles with litigious neighbours, recalcitrant sheep and the wild and unpredictables weather of this Irish Sea coast. The company only lasted about 15 years, but in its rise and fall it was a microcosm of so many Victorian enterprises now lost to history. This is its story. Available from Amazon Kindle £4.99, and as an Amazon print-to-order edition for £8, published 10th August, 2019
Ricky Sykes and John Maton