Models of the Irish narrow gauge, GWR broad gauge and a lot more besides!
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Miscellaneous Locomotives 2ft narrow gauge
Fowler shunter 0-4-2T, 2ft gauge, C Oct 2014
Bagnall Edith 0-4-0T, 2ft gauge, C Oct 2014
Avonside petrol loco 0-4-0, 2ft gauge, C Oct 2014
R410-based freelance 0-8-0T, 2ft gauge, C Oct 2014
Wren 0-4-0, 2ft gauge, C 15 different versions Oct 2014
Hudson industrial shunter 0-6-0, 2ft gauge, C Oct 2014
Isle of Man Railway (3ft narrow gauge)
No. 11 2-4-0T, 3ft gauge, C Two liveries Jul 2015
Java sugercane railway (3ft narrow gauge)
Class E10 0-10-0T, 3ft gauge, C Rack & cog loco Oct 2014
4ft 8½in standard gauge
Foden 4-2-0T, 4ft 8½in gauge, C Oct 2014
Aveing & Porter 4ft 8½in gauge, C Brill tramway Apr 2016
Nos. 90 & 100 Great Southern & Western Railway set to 4ft 8½in gauge, C Oct 2014
Bristol & Exeter Railway (7ft 0¼in broad gauge)
Nos. 41 & 44 4-2-4, 7ft ¼in gauge, C May 2016
Railcar 4ft 8½in gauge, C Apr 2016
Ricky Sykes and John Maton
North Staffordshire Railway battery locomotive no. 1 4ft 8½in gauge, C Nov 2021
You will need this hornsound by Auran: And also to download CHN Electric Sound - DC general kuid:276266:100374 from the Download Station.