JATWS Downloads For Trainz

The downloads are compressed with 7-zip www.7-zip.org inside a .zip wrapper to allow downloads. Mac users can use keka to extract the .cdps the download link can be found on www.7-zip.org/download.html The compressed .cdp files take up roughly half the space of the originals which means less bandwidth is required and faster downloads

The kuids are loaded in batches in descending kuid order, in general the highest kuid numbers are in the first batch although sometimes items are grouped to get better compression.

You may need to use the Chrome browser as the web page is coded in HMTL5.

If you need a missing 86627: asset, please contact:

John Whelan via trainz forum

Edh6's work
Evertrainz work
Evilcrow's reskins American locos
FiachraIR's 670 assets Irish railways
Ken Green's content
Mason Taylor's work
Malc's work
Paulsw2 content
Robd's work GWR coach reskins
Skipper1945's work
https://www.jatws.org/ing4trainz/index.htm Steve Flanders's Web Site
UKBL files, Baltics fix for TS2009 plus meshes
kuid:86627 JohnWhelan Download 1st Batch 2018/7/3
kuid:86627 JohnWhelan Download 2nd Batch 2018/7/3
Middleton for laptops contains most wagons and vans 3.5
kuid:217096 BobSanders Download 1st Batch
kuid:217096 BobSanders Download 2nd Batch
kuid:217096 BobSanders Download 3rd Batch
kuid:217096 BobSanders Download 4th Batch
kuid:217096 BobSanders Download 5th Batch
kuid:217096 BobSanders Download 6th Batch
kuid:217096 BobSanders Download 7th Batch
kuid:217096 BobSanders Download 8th Batch
kuid:217096 BobSanders Download 9th Batch 2018/7/03
kuid:217096 BobSanders Download 9th Batch 2018/7/03
kuid:217096:8337 BobSanders

Pofig for Ashburton.

kuid:429786 pofig for paulsw2 ashburton route

990 Pofig assets for TS12 including the ones used in Ashburton.

kuid:429786 pofig batch 1
kuid:429786 pofig batch 2
kuid:429786 pofig batch 3
kuid:429786 pofig batch 4
kuid:429786 pofig batch 5
kuid:429786 pofig batch 6
kuid:429786 pofig batch 7
List of the 1,200 kuid 86627 available
List of the 1,700 kuid 217096 available
List of the 990 kuid 429786 available