JATWS Downloads For Trainz

Some downloads are compressed with 7-zip www.7-zip.org inside a .zip wrapper to allow downloads. Mac users can use keka to extract the .cdps the download link can be found on www.7-zip.org/download.html The compressed .cdp files take up roughly half the space of the originals which means less bandwidth is required and faster downloads

If you need a missing 86627: asset, please contact:

John Whelan via trainz forum

FiachraIR's Irish stock
evertrainz's content (Including Mason Taylor's reskins)
Evilcrow's reskins American locos
John Arran's web site
Ken Green's Old West models
KotangaGirl's content
Steve Flanders's Web Site
Paul Weiser's Web Site
Paulsw2's content

Camscott's freeware content


John Whelan's content

Middleton for laptops contains most wagons and vans 3.5
johnbargesandlocos.zip 3.5
johnrollingstock.7z This is a one gig file 3.5
johnproducts.zip 3.5
johnscenery.zip 3.5
johnchurchlane.zip 3.5
LNER12tonVandetailed.7z kuid2:86627:100064:1 3.5
2019-11-2020-11 contains LBSC items
2022/11/29 150 updated assets
2023/01/24 TANE updated assets

Bob Sander's content

bobsanders.7z 700 mb 3.5
Pofig TS12 trees