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LMS period one carriages.

Set 1 Mainline carriages LMS livery
Set 1a Mainline carriages BR crimson and cream
Set 1b Mainline carriages BR maroon
Set 1 Interiors
LMS 9ft bogies
Set 2 Sleeping & Dining carriage LMS livery
Set 2 Sleeping & Dining carriage Crimson & Cream livery
Set 2 Sleeping & Dining carriage Maroon livery
Set 2 Interiors
LMS 6 wheel bogies
Set 3 Suburban carriages LMS Livery
Set 3a Suburban carriages BR crimson
Set 3b Suburban carriages BR maroon
Set 3c Suburban carriages Blue livery
Set 3 Suburban interiors
Set 4 late mainline LMS livery
Set 4a late mainline crimson&cream
Set 4b late mainline maroon
Set 4 late mainline interiors
Set 5 Post Office sorting vans
LMS passenger consist baseboard