JATWS Downloads For OpenStreetMap

These programs sort buildings in an OSM file then count them. They are not intended to replace the normal GIS tools that are often used but were written to extract more basic information about buildings. They do create a CSV file which can be imported into a spreadsheet to create graphs.


Buildings associated tags descending sort

building 320,496
addr:street 285,808
addr:housenumber 285,490
building:levels 9,394

Building types descending sort

detached 117,491
house 64,173
terrace 59,942
yes 47,997
residential 8,204
garage 5,757
commercial 4,147
retail 2,762
apartments 2,601
barn 1,551

The first only handles ways not nodes.

It takes two parameters the full path and file name and the output folder.

osmbuildingcount c:\osmwork\stottbase.osm c:\osmwork\

The defaults if no paramters are given are c:\osmwork\stottbase.osm and the output is in C:\osmwork

The executable is here:


The sln file for Visual Studio 2017 C# source is here:

The second only nodes,

the executable is here:

The source is here:

Download the .osm file from here: http://download.geofabrik.de/

Use osmconvert64 to first convert .pbf to .osm and then to extract the area of interest.

osmconvert64 c:\downloads\malawi-latest-internal.osm.pbf -o=c:\maps\malawi.osm

osmconvert64 c:\maps\malawi.osm -b=32,-17,37,-16 -o=c:\maps\malawi1.osm