2017-03-09 - This is a searchable electronic offline map of Ottawa. The licenses of the City of Ottawa and OpenStreetMap are now aligned and much of the city's data has been imported into OpenStreetMap including the bus stops. 160 free WLAN or internet access locations are identified. The maps are off line copies from openstreetmap.org and any changes made to OSM will eventually be reflected in the map. The latest information can be downloaded directly from OSMAND. Currently the files here reflect Ottawa 2015-09-25 but will be updated shortly. They are available for OSMAND for both Android Blackberry, iPhone and for Maperitive for Windows. OSMAND includes off line routing but Maperitive has more powerful searches. A Java based option is included but it is not recommended for ordinary mortals since it is not user friendly, it does however allow you to view all node and way tags. To reach the blue links right click then use “open link”. The free version of OSMAND works fine.

Android, Blackberry and iPhone:

OSMAND users should download ott.zip


which need to be decompressed then copied into the osmand folder, note under “search”, “other” lists the more than 160 free Wi-Fi Internet locations in Ottawa as “internet access wlan”. More detailed instructions installation are here Using Ott.obf with OSMAND. Note that OSMAND is normally used with OSM data but in this case because of licensing issues a copy of the Ottawa area is copied into the OSMAND map folder and used instead of the default map. A guide to OSMAND can be found at osmand.net


Maperitive is a Windows based program but the .pbf files can also be used by JOSM a Java based editor so other platforms than Windows can make use of the map. _Ottawa_fullmap.bat uses the full Ottawa map rather than the core and the full map contains the latest updates.

Unzip the file open the Maperitive folder then run maperitive from one of the .bat files, _Ottawa_fullmap.bat includes the outlying areas, Smith Falls etc. As you zoom in more detail is shown including phone numbers and web-sites for restaurants etc. F11 toggles full screen mode.

Download ottawaMaperitive.zip


Using FOSM rather than OSM (OpenStreetMap) allows inclusion of bus stop and other open data such as bus stops with names and 560 numbers, wading pool location, park names, soccer and other pitches from the City of Ottawa. The map itself also includes some imported data, CANVEC road names etc. and crowd sourced data. Crowd sourced data comes from individual mappers who choose what to include, so favourite restaurants and pubs and more unusual items such as silver_birch trees. The map files have had data that is not displayed stripped out and by using .pbf format which means at 10 mbs they are now considerable smaller than the first version of 200 mbs even though they contain more data.

The map is made of points of interest and ways that connect them. Each has tags associated giving the name and other values. All these tags and values are searchable in Maperitive. To simplify matters a number of scripts have been built so just use the run-script command followed by the script-name to locate them on the map.

Zoom into the area you are interested in then use this list of run-script commands:

rus american_football (run-script american_football) etc.


atmexchange (- shows the no charge access atms)

baseball, bench, cafe, diesel (gas stations that sell diesel), diesel247 (gas stations that sell diesel and are open 24 hours 7 days a week), farmersmarket, fastfood, hotel, library, lpg (- propane auto refueling ), museum, park, parking, parking_meter, picnic_site, pharmacy, pub, restaurant, silver_birch, slipway, soccer, softball, T-ball, taxi, tennis, tourist_attraction, video, wading (- wading pools),

wheelchairwlan (- Wlan locations that are wheelchair accessible), wlan (- wireless Internet locations or free WiFi, often internet cafes etc.)

Scroll through the results with <F3>.

_Ottawa_basemap.bat displays the core of Ottawa thus is faster than the full map.

_Ottawa_en_Français.bat displays the French name if available both for street names and other points of interest such as libraries.

_Ottawa_full_cycledesignated&footpath.bat displays the known cycle paths for the full map area including Gatineau


Technical notes

These apps are also capable of searching for street names etc using normal Maperitive commands 'fi name="Slater Street"' F3, use 'find name="Slater Street"' if cutting and pasting, but note that the search needs the full name and is case sensitive

"fi-h amenity=restaurant and cuisine=chinese" or

"Find-here amenity=restaurant and cuisine=chinese" if you are using cut and paste. Another example would be "find-here denomination=anglican and wheelchair=yes" to find any wheelchair accessible Anglican Churches. A list of valid denominations can be found here: wiki.OSM.org/wiki/Denomination but note that not all churches in Ottawa have been tagged.

More advanced users can search on any value in the database such as and there are many thousand searchable points of interest in the database, not including the roads. A list of all searchable values is included in tags.csv, this can be regenerated by deleting it then using the Maperive command export-tags.

Further reading

If you are aware of data that needs correcting or you'd like to add additional points of interest to the map more information on JOSM is available here: JOSM.org be aware that these apps use an extract so your changes will not be reflected until a new extract is made.

JOSM is an editing tool that can be used to both edit the map and to read all the tags on a point of interest. It isn't designed to be especially friendly but it allows for more complex searches of the data and you can see all the tags for a node (Point of Interest). More information on JOSM is available here: wiki.OSM.org/wiki/ JOSM

More information on Maperitive and its capabilities is available here: wiki.OSM.org/wiki/Maperitive

Don't forget Maperitive allows any tag to be searched, valid tag values can be found in ottawa_tags.csv

feedback to jwhelan0112(at)gmail.com


Téléchargez Ottawamaperitive.zip et décompresser la.

Pour lancer le programme, il suffit de double-cliquer sur _Ottawa_en_ bicyclette.bat

ou _Ottawa_en_Français.bat

Tapez "rus bicyclette" à l'invite de commande (command prompt:) , pour changer la carte pour Ottawa en Bicyclette.
























bicyclette donne Ottawa_en_ bicyclette








Pour trouver les rues à l'invite de commande 'fi name:fr="rue Slater"' en suite <F3>

Instructions pour Maperitive wiki.OSM.org/wiki/FR:Maperitive