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Broad Gauge early locos enginespecs by 2995 valliant With the author’s permission I have made very minor edits to Anthony’s enginespecs to eliminate the few warnings which appear in TS12 i.e. version number and three additional settings. Fire Fly Brigand/Corsair Pearson 4-2-4 Hercules Iron Duke Ixion Lord of the Isles
PEOPLE Bob Sanders' brilliant people, They populate my omnibuses and horse-drawn vehicles (scenery items) and really bring them alive. I utilise quite a few of Bob's figures so you should download all of the following. They are all under Bob's kuid of 217096. Draymen, standing (three in the cdp). These are kuids - 217096:60250; 217096:60251; and 217096:60252; all three bundled together in one cdp so you have them all at one go. Stable lads, standing: 60135; 60139; 60143, Men, seated: 60157; 60158; 60159; 60160; 60161: 60162, Draymen, seated: 60191; 60192; 60193; 60194, Coachmen, seated: 60195; 60196; 60197, Wagon driver, seated: 60226; 60227, Lad, seated: 60228; 60229, Clergyman, seated: 60223, Victorian men, seated: 60224; 60225, Victorian small boy, seated: 60231; 602232; 602233 ENGINESOUND 43955:53004 C-41 Enginesounds by Todd Hohlenkamp. This is the engine sound file which I use on most of my steam locos. It is part of the built in content in Trainz 2004 but is not included in some more recent versions. Todd has generously allowed me to host his file so that everyone can now download and run our steam locos no matter what version of Trainz you are running. So a big 'thank you' to Todd of San Juan Trainz Works! TWINKLES EFFECTS Created by Rob Hill (LieLestoSbrat) of Lesto Route Works and UK Branch Lines and used in ING4Trainz's most recent locos and revisions/updates of earlier models. Rob has created a special cdp pack for me and which is now hosted on this site. Download and install the pack. In relation to all the files available on this page, please note: 1. These files are freeware. 2. Steve Flanders is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of these files. 3. Third-party-authored files supplied by our members and friends and hosted here have not necessarily been checked on our own PCs anti-virus software or in Trainz. 4. No liability whatsoever is accepted or implied by or on behalf of Steve Flanders, ing4Trainz, the A-Z Team, the webmaster, hosting site or anyone else for any ill effects suffered by your computer or its users as a result of using these files. 5. These files may or may not be compatible with all the rolling stock that you have already installed, including Trainz built-in content and third-party downloaded files. 6. These files are for your personal use only and may not, under any circumstances, be sold or distributed in any way whatsoever. They must not be uploaded onto any website or distributed via digital media without prior written permission. Third-party-authored files require the written permission of their creators. 7. I strictly prohibit any action that results in gain through sale or reward in any way for these files. 8. These files may only be distributed as freeware in the form that they were intended by the authors. No alteration in any way is allowed without prior written consent from the authors who shall, at all times, retain full ownwership rights. Third-party-authored files require the permission of their creators. 9. Any action by third parties or other persons to offer this property for sale or reward of any kind without the written consent of the authors may be liable under copyright protection. 10. These files may not be hosted ony any system without prior written consent before doing so. Third-party-authored files require the permission of their creators. All rights reserved - ing4Trainz 2006 to date.
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