Models of the Irish narrow gauge, GWR broad gauge and a lot more besides!
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Reskin policy
P = passenger enabled, I = industry enabled, N = night mode, A = animated doors, C = cab view
Ricky Sykes and John Maton
I will grant permission to reskin my models under the following conditions: 1. Email me a specific request listing the kuid and name of any models of mine you wish to reskin. I will send a response giving permission, although I retain the right not give permission for some specific models. 2. Reskinned models are only for your own use and you will not distribute them or post them on websites, ftp servers or the DLS, or any other file-sharing location. 3. Reskinned models will be given your own kuid and you will state in the description in the config file that the model is a permitted reskin of my original model and give its name and my kuid. I would appreciate a screenshot of any of my models that you have reskinned according to these conditions. Email to: 8th January, 2023
My reskin policy is available here