Models of the Irish narrow gauge, GWR broad gauge and a lot more besides!
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Roland Zeigler has produced an exceptionally useful programme. It is payware, but very reasonably priced and, when you start generating your own layouts in Trainz with accurate, smooth terrain, you soon realise that it's worth every penny/cent. You can model any railway in any part of the world. Once you master the techniques used in TransDEM generating a route takes only a few minutes. In my experience TransDEM is the most rewarding and successful way of making prototypical terrain for Trainz. It combines topographical data which can be downloaded free from the NASA web site (all details included in the TransDEM manual) with digital maps – either downloaded from the web, from CD or scanned in. The results are excellent. With TransDEM you can produce smooth flowing terrain.The degree of detail is only limited by the resolution parameters of Trainz itself. For example, for the Irish narrow gauge I have generated an enormous layout covering the whole of County Donegal. This forms the base for individual layouts of stations and specific routes. I could not have achieved this without Roland's brilliant programme and I thoroughly recommend it to every Trainzer.
Trainz Carriage and Wagon Works UK content for Trainz railway simulator, including my Lynton & Barnstaple carriages. John Whelan’s web site
JUDITH EDGE KITS ETCHED BRASS KITS in 4mm and 7mm Scales. 5 Chapel Lane, Carlton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S71 3LE Telephone:- 01226 722309 Email:
Creator of ships and so much more, all freeware, relating to the WWII period. I have reskinned the unarmed ships so that they will be suitable for docks. I highly recommend a visit and perusal of all the many models.
Ricky Sykes and John Maton
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