P = passenger enabled, I = industry enabled, N = night mode, A = animated doors, C = cab view
Models of the Irish narrow gauge, GWR broad gauge and a lot more besides!
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Irish terraced houses splines and individual models May 2014
Irish farmhouses 2 types, 11 textures May 2014
Coal mine, basic headgear, winding house and screens; industry enabled Mar 2016
Irish neolithic henge, dolmen, standing stone, stone circle 7 types May 2014
Irish commercial horse- drawn wagons various names Jun 2014
Horse-drawn wagons Drays, carts, flat wagons Jun 2014
Horse-drawn omnibuses Hotels, GWR, GER, LNWR Jun 2014
Steam lorries and tractors Jun 2014
Horses and mules Jun 2014
Paved squares, rectangles and quadrants, scenery items and splines Jun 2014
Culverts 3 scenery items and 3 splines Jun 2014
Irish roads, splines 3 types Jun 2014
Town square water pump 2 types Jun 2014
Irish field gates 10 types GNR(I) field gates 3 types, open and closed Jun 2014
Victorian street lamp 11ft high type 1 Nov 2014
Victorian street lamp 11ft high type 2 Nov 2014
Combe gibbet Nov 2014
Broughams, landaus and phaetons May 2014
GWR horse-drawn floats and lorries May 2014 girder load
Brick wall splines in two heights Jul 2016
Cardington airship mooring mast acts as a track buffer Jul 2015
R100 airship Acts as a loco - use invisible track Oct 2014
LZ127 Graf Zeppelin airship Acts as a loco - use invisible track Oct 2014
Retaing wall spline Sep 2017
Lime kilns, 1880, scenery item Sep 2017
Victorian Glasshouse, splines and objects, May 2018
Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, for the Great Exhibition of 1851 May 2018
Crystal Palace, as rebuilt at Sydenham May 2018
Bottle kiln May 2018
Bottle kiln at building end May 2018
Bottle kiln at building centre May 2018
Ricky Sykes and John Maton
Horses for floats; made 2016 July, 2021